Real-World Simulator
for Autonomous Vehicles
Testing and Training
SynCity is a platform devoted to synthetic 2D/3D datasets generation for direct utilization in deep learning models.
sensor simulation
Providing protocol level compatibility, we simulate LiDAR, radar, cameras,
thermal, and ultrasonic, as well as sensory inputs and outputs based on ROS.
Customization of sensor specifications based on weather conditions, day/night
cycles, and other issues related to real-world conditions.
visual realism
Real-world simulation for autonomous vehicle testing and training.
Custom designed scenarios that represent the world as seen by autonomous vehicles
for enhanced testing and training.
Synthetic 2D/3D
Dataset Generation
Synthetic datasets eliminate the need for manual annotations. Using 3D point clouds for
object detection and classification, automatic ground truth is generated by pixel dense
and point cloud segmentations.
Realtime 360 Depth map
Realtime Flir
Realtime Segmentation
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