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Simulating the World
for Autonomous Applications
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Hyper realistic simulator
built for machine learning

Train, test, validate.

Unleash the limitations of the physical world with a state-of-the-art simulation platform. SynCity constructs synthetic 3D real or fictitious environments and provides sensor simulations robust enough to train, validate, and verify artificial intelligence algorithms for land, aerial, and marine autonomous applications.

Providing an infinite amount of environments, SynCity can be used as a developmental and operational test and evaluation platform, assisting with certifying sensor and/or autonomous systems at any stage of development.


Identify, detect, track.

Generating ground truth sensor data for LiDAR, radar, near and far infrared, thermal and RGB cameras, and IMU/GPS devices, we provide a robust representation of the world. Sensor data simulated on SynCity is indistinguishable to data collected externally.

Simulating off-the-shelf and custom sensor models, we mimic degradation in various operating conditions. Our sensor models are designed as plug-ins enabling customization. We provide a combined software-in-the-loop & hardware-in-the-loop solution allowing for a flexible setup.


Flexible API, customize, control.

We provide you with an environment where you are able to independently control nearly every possible parameter. Be the master of your scenes and choose from hundreds of thousands of high quality 3D objects. On SynCity, you can simulate all kinds of events such as near misses and crashes, control the behavior of assets, select night/day cycles, and various kinds of weather conditions to test how your application and sensors perform.

Our API and GUI systems provide you with an unparalleled degree of customization and flexibility.


Simulation, big data management, testing.

The minute you begin running your simulations you are generating billions of images. SynCity provides a turnkey solution with its big data management tool allowing you to easily and quickly filter content, annotate to benchmark against real-world data, and augment images for more entropic datasets. Shake up your models to ensure generalization for quicker algorithm development and validation.

client testimonials

Pierre Boulanger, CTO, FLIR Systems, Inc.

FLIR has enjoyed its close collaboration with CVEDIA in Artificial Intelligence products. FLIR recognizes the value of SynCity to create datasets for our long list of applications. The flexibility and power of the tool enables us to keep improving the performance of the datasets we desire. We plan to use SynCity to its full potential and even beyond. The availability of assets, the background creation options, the flexible sensor positioning, and the various supported modalities are just a few of the features that makes SnyCity the only practical means at our disposal to create the required imagery in some cases. At FLIR, we are committed to develop intelligent value-added sensors, and believe that SynCity will be instrumental in realizing our projects. ...Read More

Jason Merlo, Project Manager MSU SAE AutoDrive Challenge Team

I would say that in our experience, the most powerful use cases we encountered while using SynCity were the ability to run motion control testing, and sensor testing in an environment similar to where our vehicle would be operating during the competition. To test our vision systems, we were able to leverage SynCity's photorealistic rendering of roads much more similar to those we would encounter during the competition. This allowed us to identify and correct for many edge cases in our software prior to competition.

Additionally, due to the constraints of our facility, it made it quite difficult to test and validate motion control software. We were also able to use the large skidpad in SynCity to identify starting points for our motion control tuning parameters, reducing the amount of time required to tune our vehicle on our test road. Finally, we were able to test and validate our LiDAR perception algorithms in a way that was not possible at all in our testing facility. SynCity allowed us to create the scenarios we needed to detect obstacles in a scenario we could not recreate in our test facility, enabling us to be confident our algorithms would work in the competition environment.
...Read More

Danny Kent, President MechaSpin

SynCity is a critical piece of technology for MechaSpin. As a software engineering services company, MechaSpin specializes in development of unique perception solutions for our customers. SynCity has enabled MechaSpin to rapidly and accurately develop LiDAR sensor processing algorithms for a variety of customers and environments (agriculture, marine, automotive and more). Enabling MechaSpin's team to develop and test software without the need for real-world hardware has significantly improved the accuracy, performance, reliability and safety of our products. AJ and his team have been fully invested in MechaSpin's success from day one and continue to do everything they can to ensure it. Meanwhile, SynCity continues to evolve and improve, adding new sensors and environments. SynCity is our secret weapon and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for this tool. ...Read More

Benyamin Parto, FAE & QA Group Manager Foresight Automotive

We searched and evaluated many companies for full simulation solution of visible and thermal cameras, for profound and professional quality. The only company that answered all our needs was Syncity. Furthermore, their customer service has been outstanding with immediate response to any questions or requests. Their excellent photorealistic rendering and outstanding quality proved to be useful across our company in many major departments, while significantly reducing our TTM for product readiness and creating one of the best and unique ADAS products in the market. ...Read More

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