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Simulating the World
for Autonomous Applications
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Hyper realistic simulator
built for machine learning

Unleash the limitations of the physical world with a state-of-the-art simulation platform.

Acquiring data to train neural networks that bring autonomous applications to life is extremely challenging due to prohibitive costs, risk to human life, and damage to sensor equipped vehicles. Overcome these barriers with synthetic data. Syncity constructs 3D land, aerial and marine environments to train artificial intelligence models and provides sensor simulations for the validation and verification of algorithms.

A high fidelity simulator that generates the exact kind of synthetic data needed for the development and deployment of autonomous applications.


Synthetic sensor simulations to validate and verify machine learning algorithms.

We provide a robust representation of the world, simulating sensor data that is indistinguishable to data collected externally. SynCity simulates off-the-shelf and custom sensor models including LiDAR, near and far infrared, thermal, multiple cameras, radar, GPS, and IMU.

SynCity simulates sensors at protocol communication level, meaning the sensors operate in the same manner internally as they do in the real world. Unplug the brain of your autonomous vehicle, attach it to SynCity and test its capabilities as you would in the external world. Think of it as VR for AI.

Our sensor models are designed as plug-ins, enabling customization.SynCity provides a combined software-in-the-loop & hardware-in-the-loop solution allowing for a flexible setup.

Customize and control

Configurable scene elements giving you total freedom over your simulations.

We provide you with an environment where you are able to independently control nearly every possible parameter. Be the master of your scenes and choose from thousands of high quality 3D objects. On SynCity, you can simulate all kinds of events such as near misses and crashes, select night/day cycles, as well as various kinds of weather conditions to test how your application and sensors will perform.

Our API and GUI systems provide you with an unparalleled degree of customization and flexibility.


Simulation, data management, testing.

The minute you begin running your simulations you are generating billions of images. Don’t get caught out with not having the sufficient tools to manage your data for training and verifying. Integrate with CVEDIA to filter, annotate and augment your data for quicker algorithm development and validation.

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