Physically, Visually Realistic Simulations

We are sensor-agnostic, compatible with ROS/ROS2, simulating sensors at protocol level

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Sensor simulations are engineered at protocol level and include: LiDAR, radar, near and far IR,
360-degree cameras, IMU, AHRS and GNSS/GPS. Compatible with ROS/ROS2, SynCity is a
combined SIL & HIL solution. We offer a scalable hardware deployment that connects directly
with your external hardware.

Neighborhood car simulation
Ultra realistic 7 sensor simulation driving around a residential area.

Drone around Oil Rig
LiDAR with ultra realistic RGB simulation flying around a oil rig.

Drone Indoors
Fly within a house with LiDAR

360-Degree Camera on SynCity
Direct Sunlight on SynCity Fisheye Camera
Segmentation Map on Syncity
Day/Night Cycle on SynCity

Lateral thinking, transfer learning, detail-oriented, see what drives us at SynCity.