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Product Information

SynCity Product Fact Sheet

SynCity constructs different types of real world scenarios that would be otherwise difficult to record due to challenging and potentially hazardous conditions for the purposes of training and testing autonomous applications. Download PDF to read more...


Velodyne-MechaSpin-CVEDIA press release

Velodyne LiDAR, MechaSpin and CVEDIA Debut a Life Saving Solution for Forklifts at MODEX 2018. Visit article to read more..

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SynCity Deck for Autonomous Vehicles

Accelerating the development and deployment of autonomous vehicle applications through 3D digitization for deep learning. Download PDF to read more..


SynCity Deck for Civil and Government Applications

Deep learning is rapidly becoming one of the most effective approaches to developing intelligent, autonomous systems for both commercial and government applications. Download PDF to read more..

Our Logos

We’re very happy for our customers, authorized resellers, technology partners and the press to use Syncity's and CVEDIA’s brands without contacting us for prior permission, however, we require that you adhere not modify our logos by changing the colors, fonts, applying strokes, rearranging elements of the design or stretching and distorting it...

CVEDIA portrait logo

Available for white background in PNG format.